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BHT: free samples pt. 2 by GypsyBling17
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BHT: free samples pt. 1 by GypsyBling17
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BHT: free samples pt. 2
:iconwarning-plz: restricted :iconwarning-plz:

Hey everyone, I'm still here & I apologize for the long wait due to being busy with my life & such. + Here's the free samples of from chapter 7-9 please enjoy :) :) while part 3 is on its way.

Chapter 7: the Girls arrived at the scene seeing the Xhnxs terrorizing Applewood Acres as they pulled their weapons out & charge at the raincoats with forces eliminating & killing 6 of them dead "Well, that takes of those freaks for now." Garnet said dusting her hands off, then 5 dynamites was tossed into the air coming straight down towards the girls "Incoming! :noes:" Raie yelled out [in girl-child's voice] pointing at the dynamites; they quickly dodge them before they explode onto the ground as 35 Xhnxs emanate out of their hiding spots & begin to storm at the girls as Amethyst cried & yelled out "Oh sh!t....they're coming for us....we're dead!!! :cries:" [in a frightening tone] covering her face with her hands "Stand your ground & get ready to attack!" Sam command suddenly 4 spears was thrown & multiple arrows was shot which killed 10 raincoats that stopped them in their tracks & a voice said, "Strike! You're out lame-f^€kers! :lol: :iconfuplz:" [yelled victoriously] the girls turn around & there's Coco Bandicoot with Marceline & the other girls, then she winked at her team grinning proudly & vigorous. Everyone was glad to see them & Coco said, "Yeah get rekt! You @*$holes got spear'd in the have another one!" She took the spear & thrown it at the Xhnx's face & killed it as the other girls joined in the action.

:star: :iconrainbowsparklesplz: Bonus chapter: the Hoku girls came across a territory that was owned by another tribe as the guards are walking around patrolling in the area. the Aliens command the 4 girls to get in position & Chaila whistle in her pet noctowl as it came & landed on her right hand; she took 2 beedrills bombs & put one the beak then the other one on the left talon & it ascend to the sky hovering above the area, it killed 4 guards & flew away. the 4 girls took their weapons aiming the arrows at the guards' heads; then shot & killed them as Chaila & Kiowa start making their way going towards the cave. | After killing the mamoswine & both tribes, the Hoku girls brought the corpses back to the village as night falls 3hrs. {8:47pm} later while Bonnie, Phoebe, & Pearl gather the woods & ignite the flames as the others grabbed & tosses the corpses in the flames cheering & dancing with victory watching the bodies burning up in flames. :iconrainbowsparklesplz: :star:

Chapter 8: Elysium-"Splendid, follow us please." They followed the 2 women to an old modern Victorian house, as Angel went the steps with a old key in her hand; she unlocks the door & said, "Come on in gentlemen & have a seat please." They went inside the & sat down on the vintage sofa as Elysium came out of thekitchen with a tray bringing cake-n-ice cream to them & said, "Here you go laddies, enjoy." They chat with the women for 30mins as everyone stood up & the guys thanked them, then Elysium said, "It was nice meeting both of you; hopefully we'll meet again." Angel spoke & said something in Latin to them while they was going upstairs as the guys trailed behind them. They went upstairs where the 2 women were as Johnny opens the door & they found an empty room; then the alarm clocks blared off as they woke up in the middle of the night thinking about the dream; then went back to sleep. | They followed Johnny & Parker as they was dragging the trash cans across town then stopped & rested themselves at a local corner store "Dude, I'm like exhausted as f^€k!" Parker said wiping the sweats from his face as Johnny is trying to catch his breath & said, "Me too...these things are f^€king heavy." Parker-"How far is this place...are we close to it?" Johnny-"Not to far just a little bit more to go, we're almost there." Suddenly the sirens went off & a cop car pulled up in front of them "Oh sh!t" Aru said surprisingly while the guys have their hands up in the air. {12:23am} Both cops got out of the vehicle, one them was shining the flashlight in their faces & the trash cans, then one of them spoke & said to the fellas (with heavy deep country accent) "What are you 2 doing out here late at night with those trash cans?" Parker-"Just taking the trash out that's all." Cop #2-"You sure it's trash or something else?" Johnny-"Trash...just nothing but trash." Cop #1-"Sounds like they're lying, we better search them." Cop #2-"Both of you hands on your heads & get down on your knees right now!" [he commanded them] Johnny-"Aww d@mn we didn't do nothing!" Parker-"We're innocent there must be a mistake!" Cop #1-"Shut it or I'll shoot both of you!" "Oh no" Uba said nervously Cop #2-"Now let's see what's in here....trash or drugs?" as he almost open it the walkie-talkie had went off he grabbed it & said, "We're on the way!" They rushed back in the car & drove off quickly Uba-"That was way too close." Aru-"Too close, those fellas was almost done for...they're lucky though...very lucky." the Guys grabbed the trash cans & tossed them in the river, hopped on their bikes & went back home then the masks vanishes into thin air.

Chapter 9: [Chaila's POV] After Lola got her belongings & left from the tenements Johnny heard yelling coming from downstairs on the 2nd floor, he went to apartment 114 & knocked on the door, as an average-sized middle-aged man open the door & Johnny said, "Is everything alright in there Mr.Pacelli?" Orion-"Alright..kid there's an alien inside my apartment!" Johnny face lit up in a nervous way & said, "an there...?" Orion-"Yeah me & my wife is trying to catch her." Johnny-"Umm....that alien......she...belongs to me." [he stutters nervously] Orion-"That little green maiden belongs to you?" Johnny-"Yeah" [he said nervously as his head embarrassingly dropped slowly] the man was shocked & couldn't believe it, then his wife said, "Here she is; I got her!" Johnny-"Bring her here to me." He brought the alien to Johnny & said, "Next time keep a d@mn leash or something on her." then slams the door on both of them. He clutched her wrist as she was trying to pull away from him & he brought her back to his apartment, then closed the door as she stood there with a knife in her left hand coughing & sniffling. Johnny approaches the alien very cautiously as he half-circled around her [in slow med-pace] & got behind her, then easily took the knife away & threw the blade as it slid underneath the couch, he cross-wraps his arms over the alien's body groping & kissing on her; she tries to push him off, but her frail body lacks energy as he strips their clothes off then he picks her up & laid her on the bed + opened her legs "Now the king claims his new queen. :heart: :devil:" Johnny said [with a devilish grin] Chaila-(Earth English)-"D@mn no king to me!" Johnny-"You're mine now...I'll make you feel special. :heart:" her eyes turned/glowed pink as he begin kissing on her neck (boom goes the dynamite) | [Kiowa's POV] After Janus packs up & left the apartment Parker heard a woman saying "Oh my goodness!" he went outside seeing several people around the tree, he approached the elderly woman & said, "What's wrong Ms.Ellington?" Sara-"There's an alien in my fruit tree, someone or somebody go get my son please!" Her son came out with a tranquilizer gun & put 3 darts in it, then shot her 3 times. the Alien shrieks as she fell from the tree & Sara's son caught her, he gave her to Parker; the elderly woman ask Parker "Dear that your alien?" Parker-"'am...she's mine." [he said nervously as his face turns red from humiliation] Sara-"Next time please keep her in a cage." He carried the stunned alien to his apartment & laid her down on the couch as her vision were getting blurry & her eyes turned pink then back to normal. He strips off their clothes & started fondling her body, the drug medicine begin to take effect on her as she struggles to stay awake Parker-"Jackpot & the prize goes to me. :heart: :devil:" [smiling devilish] Kiowa-(Earth English)-"You're gonna wish..*coughs*'ve never done this!" she mumbles in whispers as Parker spread her legs apart & got in the middle (boom goes the dynamite)… <--- copyright reservation

:iconstopplz: you can still download, save, favor, comment, & add to collections; but steal cause this is my drawing/fanfiction. ;p
BHT: free samples pt. 1
:iconwarning-plz: restricted :iconwarning-plz:

Hey everyone, free samples from chapters 1-6 please enjoy. [mature content is on so don't kill me :smoking:]

Chapter 1: Raie-"It was part of our family's traditions & our family taught it to us...oh wait let me guess, you're against it as well?" [she said ironically] Carter-"Yes & both of you should know better than that, anyway here's your punishments...." then Zaug said, "Haha y'all in trouble! :D" [he said in a mocking sing-song voice] & Raie said, "Shut your mouth esé! :-X" [in a spiteful tone] Lois-"You shut up! :-X" Sam-"F^¢k you! :-X" All 4 of them started arguing, then Dorkus said, "Enough!" The argument has stopped

Chapter 2: They went to the mansion & entered the office; they seen Clark Jesskoy & Zapp Brannigan with 2 other men as Carter spoke & said, "Hello girls, my friends here will take both of you to Gloucester, Canada." Sam-"Why?" Carter-"To work at their mansion that's why." Sam-"Are you kidding me...our mothers inform us not to go with those glemborks!" Raie-"We have a big performance tonight at Dance we really have to leave?" Carter-"Yes, both of you have to leave right now." Raie-"Just let us do our performance then we'll leave." Carter-"No, absolutely not, now both of you go get in that truck!" Both-"No! :-X" Raie-"F^¢k you! :-X" [she said angrily] | The truck pulled off; the aliens jumped out & ran to the dark alley until the vehicles were gone, then untied the ropes from their wrists Chaila-" what it's cold & dark around here." They heard thunder from the distance Kiowa-"The sky is gonna cry soon we'll find shelter, warmth, & hopefully some grubs; we must look." They walked around the area & pass by 3 Townies-(Zoe, Edgar, & Gurney) Chaila looked back at them & said, "Is it me or do they look kinda different?" Kiowa-"Who...what are you talking about?" Chaila-"Those Dreg Lords back there." Kiowa-"*laughs* :D They look like them, but that's not them; because if they would've recognized us they could've attack us." Chaila-"*laughs* :D It must've been the orange color; because they look like Great Big Pumpkins or walking skeletons. + Yeah so true...they would attack us." then they heard thunder again

Chapter 3: After they beat up those 2 Jocks, Sam & Raie hopped on their bikes & rode to the school 15mins later {3:07pm} they made it to the school's entrance & caught up with the 4 girls, as they tour around the school Raie look & seen an older woman standing by the broken school bus, she went up to her & said, "Is there something wrong ma'am you look worried?" Ms.Phillips-"I'm worried about my Gallie-Bear; because Mr.Hattrick is trying to get him fired for drinking by sending him to the asylum." Raie-"Well I'm your helper & I'll help both of you out, so what do you want me to do?" Ms.Phillips-"There's 3 bottles hidden somewhere inside the school, can you please find & bring them here back to me so I can get rid of them." Raie-"Sure I'll brb" She went inside the school's basement & switched to her alien form then changed into a sabertooth tiger. | Sam disappeared-(snuck away) from the crowd & went to the Jocks' football field & switched to her alien form; she used 'Double Team-(Shadow Divide)' snaps her fingers & they all turned into dragons attacking people while guarding the outside of the school

Chapter 4: Marceline-"This is the building y'all chase them down too right?" Sam-"Yeah, cause when we got here; we heard dark chanting & laughing that came from the inside of the old hotel." Marceline-"Did y'all make any attacks or anything?" Raie-"Nah, we hauled our @*$es away from there; because the atmosphere was so intense that it was starting to take an affect on us." | Marceline-"D@mn..we lost them, but they're hiding somewhere in there. + We're gonna have to split up, so Sly you check in both dorms; I'll check the in library; & Shy you'll check in the main building..time to split."

Chapter 5: Marceline opened a portal to Magic Crafters & they jumped thru the portal into the magical world Kiowa (in little girl's voice)-"Ooh look at all of these gems, they're so sparkly & shiny." Chaila-"What are we gonna do with these @*$holes? *pointing at the wizards*" the Wizards shoots out multiple lightning bolts at the girls & Marceline said, "Kick their @*$es...they're asking for a beatdown!" Chaila-"Yeah let's get'em!" Kiowa (in little girl's voice)-"Y'all going down punk-scums!" | the Masks disappeared Sam-"Oh yeah...that's why it haven't stopped raining; because those nimrods are controlling the weather!" Raie-"No's their powers." Marceline-"Yeah..we better hurry up before they make things worst." so they got dressed & went outside.

Chapter 6: (huge differences) [Chaila's POV] After being aided Chaila stood up & stretching/yawning while Johnny is standing in the doorway of his room staring at the alien lustfully. He slowly became aroused & took off his shirt, she sat down on the bed checking herself; he went up to her & kneel down spread her legs then begin to kiss her small plums as he clasps his arms around her waist stroking her bums sensually, Chaila whimpers softly as a single tear fell from her face while he's kissing on her neck fondling her plums. He continued kissing her; then laid her down & got on top of her as he starts rubbing her c00ch!e with his right hand as her face blushed blue-green all over while her heat is beginning to rise Chaila (softly)-"Ooohhh" Johnny pulled the alien onto his lap doing a tease then laid her back down & pulled out his schl0ng, Chaila was trying to get him off & he said, "Relax mama; I'm not gonna stick you. :heart: :devil:" He placed his schl0ng between her thighs, over her animal-skin cotton-piece going up & down as Chaila's legs began to tremble as she could feel his schl0ng moving up & down soaking her wet c00ch!e with every stroke. Chaila was breathing wildly as tears rained from her eyes while her heat is going up & down, then she uttered out a loud screech. Johnny kissed Chaila & rested his head on her stomach, holding the alien's hand. | [Kiowa's POV] After treated the alien & cleaned her up, Kiowa laid back down on the couch & closed her eyes trying to rest herself from the battle. Parker sat by her as he took his hands & placed them on her shoulders, she opened her eyes as they made eye contacts with each other. Kiowa got nervous as she watches his hands moving towards her small cherries & started fondling/kissing them, then gave a kiss on the lips. He took his shirt off & pulled the alien onto his lap rocking her back & forth against his male-pride as Kiowa let out a soft moan. He kept going rocking the alien until he pulled out his male-pride, Kiowa freaked out & Parker said, "Easy Kandie, I'll be gentle. :heart: :devil:" He laid back & pulled her closer to him then put his male-pride in the middle of her legs doing a tease against animal-skin cotton-piece. Kiowa's body begins tingling as her heat started to build up making her face flushed as tears burst thru. Parker went faster & faster kissing her cherries rubbing her bums, then she emitted out a loud squeal. Parker lowered the alien, then gave her a kiss on the lips & hugged her.

Alright people more free samples will arrived here soon, I hope you enjoyed the 1st batch. :) :)

:iconstopplz: you can still dowload, save, favor, comment, & add to collections; but don't steal cause this is my drawing/fanfiction. ;p… <-- copyright reservation
Tirea Keia'rius/Glitter Charms 4
The Hidden Birthmark or the 10th birthmark.

This birthmark only appears in their myth form & it's located on the forehead area. (like bindi's....the size is in between a dime & can appear as head-charm pieces in human form) + However it allows my OC girls to shoot beams out like Angel (from Tekken series) at their enemies that can cost damage. (luckily if their powers are off in this form then you're safe) + It also have 9 coloured dots that resembles their other birthmarks. (they look like gems.....I'm getting a Spyro & Crash sensation lol :D) + Well that's all 10 birthmarks for my OCs & I hope you enjoy them. :) :) [these symbols will make their way back inn the next time in prehistoric style]……

Moon = aliens
Sun = fairies/faeries
Star = genies

white- purity, cleansing, & hallow-ness :bulletwhite:………

:iconstopplz: you can still download, save, favor, comment, & add to collections, don't steal; because this is my drawing.
Have you ever realized that you can't control real life & its purposes,  but you can control your OCs lives & their purposes like the Sims which it is fantasy?
story chapters' samples + more stories/skits are coming soon………


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Have you ever realized that you can't control real life & its purposes,  but you can control your OCs lives & their purposes like the Sims which it is fantasy?

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